The Diploma in Theology introduces students to the key theological disciplines of Biblical Studies and Christian Thought and History.  This may be extended by further study in those disciplines or by electives in the area of practical ministry studies. It may be possible for students to undertake study in a ministry setting as part of the course.

Course Outcome

The graduates of Diploma in Theology:

  1. have sound foundational skills for critical study of Christian texts.
  2. have skills to articulate foundational theological and scriptural knowledge and reflection.
  3. have developed clear analytical skills allowing them to analyse and communicate sound theological arguments.
  4. apply their skills and knowledge to their own and other contexts and traditions.
  5. apply their skills and knowledge to the service of others through practical engagement and in contexts such as conversation.

The program duration is two years. 


KCSE mean grade of C- (minus)

Module I

1.      THEO101: Communication Skills

2.      THEO102: Ministerial Mentorship

3.      THEO103: Introduction to Study of Theology

4.      THEO104: Basic Computer Literacy

5.      THEO105: Introduction to Christian Education

6.      THEO106: Introduction to Study of Old Testament

Module II

1.      THEO107: Introduction to Study of New Testament

2.      THEO108: Early and Medieval Church History

3.      THEO109: Reformation and Modern Church History

4.      THEO110: Christian Doctrines

5.      THEO111: Principles of Church Management

6.      THEO112: Church Planting

Module III

1.      THEO201: Principles of Worship

2.      THEO202: Introduction to African Traditional Religion

3.      THEO203: Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

4.      THEO204: Pastoral Ministry

5.      THEO205: Apologetics

6.      THEO206: Preaching Skills

Module IV

1.      THEO207: Introduction to Methodism

2.      THEO208: World Major Religions

3.      THEO209: Christian Ethics

4.      THEO210: Guidelines for Leadership

5.      Elective I

6.      Elective II

Module V

THEO301: Circuit/Parish Attachment

In this module, a student is attached to a parish or a church setting to learn and practice what is studied. 


THEO211: Christian Nurturing

THEO212: Church and Politics in Kenya

THEO213: Spread of Islam in Africa

THEO214: Discipleship

THEO215: Resolving Church Conflicts

Total (Two Electives required)