Majority of short courses available are self-paced. That means there is no instructor. You have all the time to plan your work and studies. There is learning content, assessments and a certificate upon completion.
We shall roll out instructor led courses in the near future which have specified time of completion. 

When registering for learning, you will create an account. That is your main learning account with your current grades. We have staff and student login accounts that are created for the leaners who are doing normal courses which do take time. The account will have details about the program you are doing, fee payment structure and report among other personal details.

We have free courses as well as those that require subscription. The subscription is made through mobile money. It is however not much. Our focus is to provide knowledge. 
Learning currently is self-paced. You program your work and therefore we don't have specific start and end dates. However, note that there will be start and end dates for regular diploma and certificate programs.