Government Requirement on TVET Tutors.

Edusenta is categorized as a TVET learning center. We therefore follow the rules put in place regarding provision of education service. Find an article below that outlines the requirements for one to tutor is various courses.

The TVET Authority is the technical training industry’s regulator.

According to the TVET Authority, Kenya shares the national training framework for tutors with the Philippines, given that they are both fast developing countries and have a lot in common.

The national standards set for TVET tutors are as follows (written by Dr Kipkirui Langat, director general of the TVET Authority):

• Level I: Technical instructors (workshop and lab assistants) are expected to be able to set training material, equipment for practical workshop or laboratory and maintain training equipment. The expected qualifications include someone who has undertaken a craft or Kenya National Qualification Framework (KNQF) level 5 or equivalent in the technical-vocational domain (craft) and a certificate of an approved trainer of trainers (ToTs) for technical instructors. Their curriculum includes a course supporting CBET trainers.

• In Level II, we have ‘trainers’ (lecturers). The entry requirement at this level includes a bachelor degree, KNQF level 7 in the technical-vocational domain plus a certificate of an approved ToT for trainers. Their core competencies include making plans for instruction, conducting training sessions ensuring integration of theory and practice, assessing student competencies and integrating ICT and other appropriate media in training.

• At Level III, we have ‘senior trainer-developer’ (senior lecturers and examiners) whose main mandate is to design and develop curricula, courses, and instructional materials. The entry requirements include a masters or KNQF level 9 or equivalent in the technical-vocational domain and-or experience as a trainer (minimum four years), plus approved ToTs for developers.

• Level IV is the ‘principal trainer or manager’ (deans, heads of department, principals) who will be responsible for managing the day-to-day running of training a department in an institution. The entry requirements include a masters/KNQF level 9 or equivalent in the technical-vocational domain and-or experience as trainer (minimum four years) plus approved ToTs for training managers.

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